5 Reasons To Buy In Lake Nona

Dated: 11/18/2016

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5 Reasons to buy in Lake Nona, FL

Lake Nona is one of the most beautiful and fastest developing communities in Florida. Let’s see why it is smart to buy in this location with the 5 reasons to buy in Lake Nona, FL.

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Famous for its beautiful neighborhoods, sprawling parks, work and educational opportunities, Lake Nona should be considered by any modern family that plans to move in Florida. Not only that, Lake Nona is impressive for locating any business. There are tons of technology, sports and performance locations, education (UCF, Valencia), and clinics with medical advancements. It is also only a 15-minute drive to the Orlando Airport. 

1. New Shopping Center

Lake Nona will soon have a stunning shopping venue, a new $100 million shopping center currently is under construction. It will be located at the Narcoossee Road south of State Road 417. This gives great shopping options, besides the current ones. To be more specific the shopping center will include a 9,524-square-foot retail building and a 16,993-square-foot building with offices and retail. Additionally, there will be a 1.19-acre out parcel for a restaurant.

2. Laureate Park at Lake Nona 

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Laureate Park at Lake Nona alone is a great reason to buy a home in Lake Nona. This community is incredible. It belongs to the fastest growing area in Orlando. It features incredible homes, tons of biking and running trails, large swimming area, nice lakes, restaurants, and close to 417 roads. Definitely worth any type of investment and definitely a great way to understand what Lake Nona can offer.

3. New Orlando VA Medical Center 

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Lake Nona now features the new 1.2 million-square-foot Orlando VA Medical Center. Thus, making Lake Nona home to one of the biggest Medical Centers in the country. VA Residents of Lake Nona now have a VA Medical Center close by that provides acute care, advanced diagnostic services, complex specialty care and much more. 

4. Lake Nona features a Smart Home

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The smart home in Lake Nona utilizes technology with the aim of changing behavior and improving health. It's a linked wellness home, an initiative by the Lake Nona Institute located at the Laureate Park. This is a model home, with 3 sections including a garage that's run by UCF for testing new products. From several days ago, consumers can visit and use it as a playground and inspiration for their own homes. If you haven’t been to the Smart Home you should go check it out. It’s a really interesting home and amazing at all the technology used.   

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                        Left: These UV lights will be able to kill 

       the germs on the counters.  

            (not available yet being tested)

              Right:  Vitamin C shower infuser

5. Nemours Children's Hospital 

Nemours Children’s Hospital simply proves again that Lake Nona is an amazing place for families. Over the years Nemours really showed that they are the leader in child care. With amazing staff from the front desk to the doctors themselves; Nemours Children’s Hospital will be of amazing help for families. 

Having both the Nemours Children’s Hospital and the New Orlando VA Medical Center in Lake Nona is simply amazing and a benefit to families.

Final Thoughts

Lake Nona is one of the fastest growing communities in Florida. Investing now is maybe the smartest option consumers can make. Lake Nona doesn’t stop with developing and with the current trends. These are just 5 reasons to move to Lake Nona. 

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