5 Things You Can Do For Free Or Almost Free To Sell Your House Faster

Dated: 02/07/2017

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1 Clean it:  Never underestimate the power of a good cleaning & a fresh clean scent in the air. A clean home lets potential buyers feel the home has been taken care of and has been well maintained. Hire some close friends to help with the process, an offer of pizza in exchange for some elbow grease goes a long way! : )

Image title2. De-clutter: It’s hard to focus on the home's features, flooring, & space if it can’t be easily seen through lots of furniture & stuff. Put away your mail, take some furniture out of the room, and streamline the kitchen counter by putting away some of the small appliances. Having lots of appliances or “things” on the counter give a sense that there isn’t enough cabinets or space in the home, so simplify the things in your home to make it feel bigger & more spacious. Remember, people are not only paying for the home itself, but for the feeling they get being there. And if you have a knack for design, whether done by yourself or with our help, we could negotiate some artwork or furnishings to increase the sale price & as an added bonus they’ll be less stuff to move later! ; )

3.Play tetris with the furniture: Sometimes all it takes is a clever arrangement of what you already have to make the space “WOW”! Moving around furniture can really increase the sense of flow, space & function. This is where the friends and bribing them with pizza might again come in handy! Other useful and easy things you can do is to brighten the room is open the blinds & pull back the curtains.

4. Ooh lala curb appeal: First thing buyers see when driving up to the home is it’s exterior & 1st impressions count. Plant a few flowers, pressure wash the driveway & house, & add fresh mulch to give the home an instant facelift. Flowers & mulch are inexpensive, easy to place, & add a lively & updated feel to the home.

5. Self promote. Tell your circle of friends, family, colleagues, & neighbors about your intent to sell your home. You never know who knows someone who knows someone that may be looking to buy.

  They’re not difficult things to do but can make the difference between SOLD or NOT. Keep in mind homes are usually most desirable when first placed on the market because it’s a “New” listing so taking a little time to prep before it goes live will help with getting it sold faster & for over asking.

    Of course other factors come into play as to how fast a home will sell like, market conditions, time of year, price point, etc, but no worries that’s where we come in to guide you correctly so your decisions are well informed for the best outcome. We do offer FREE staging & additional advice to help you & your family get what you’re looking for, so allow us to sit down & explain the process, answer your questions, & relief some anxiety so you can keep life happening. We look forward to helping you…

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