Benefits Of New Construction Homes Vs Resale Homes

Dated: 09/09/2016

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Benefits of New Construction Homes Vs Resale Homes In Florida

While there are a number of resale homes for sale in Florida, new construction homes provide prospective homeowners with a number of different advantages. Whether you are a homeowner who is seeking an upgrade or you are someone who is looking to purchase your first residence, the new construction vs resale debate continues to rage on. Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why you can benefit from buying new construction, as opposed to relying on resale properties.

Enhanced Levels of Customization

If you decide to purchase a resale home in Florida, you are forced to accept the home as is or invest heavily in added renovations. However, those who purchase new construction are able to take a more active role in the process and design the property to meet their specific needs and wants. There is far more flexibility afforded to the buyer of a new home than a resale home and since there are many things that you are unable to do with a used home, those who buy new construction benefit greatly.    

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Energy Efficiency

One of the worst aspects of buying a resale home is spending the extra money to go green and swap out all of the energy draining appliances for new ones. New construction homes can be designed with all of the latest technology so that you are able to save a bundle on your monthly utility bills. Any money that you save by purchasing a resale home will usually be spent financing outdated appliances and systems.

Greater Durability 

In addition to higher energy bills, those who purchase Florida resale homes are also forced to shell out for additional repairs. A new construction home will typically hold up much better than a resale home, as there is far less wear and tear. Carpet, flooring, and appliance related expenses are all too common in older homes and by choosing a new construction home, you can steer clear of these concerns. 


Buying a resale home often means accepting it as is and being willing to take on the repair process on your own. With new construction homes, the builder will typically agree to handle any maintenance and repairs that need to take place for a predetermined period of time after construction is over. The home itself is usually warrantied for at least a year, while the rest of the components are taken care of long after the initial year has passed.

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Increased Fire Safety 

Properties that were constructed in the past do not always have the same level of fire safety as those that are built in the present day. Modern carpeting and insulation is designed to be flame retardant and hard wired smoke detectors are usually included. A hard wired smoke detector offers homeowners far more protection than battery-operated smoke detectors, which can fail once the battery has run out. 

Benefits of using a Real Estate Agent

Before you walk into new construction find a local Real Estate Agent who knows the area or specializes in new construction. The Real Estate Agent will represent you and work on your behalf to negotiate a better deal and look out for your best interest. The builder's rep is looking out for the builders best interest. Your agent will be there for you for each step of the process from start to finish.

As you can see, a newly constructed home comes with far more benefits than a resale home. Florida home buyers would do well to consider the aforementioned factors when making a final decision. 

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