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Dated: 01/12/2017

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The Real Estate Investing Lifestyle:

My inspiration for real estate started right under the roof of my childhood home in Longwood, Florida. I grew up watching my parents navigate commercial, and eventually residential real estate investments my entire life. My Dad is a brilliant negotiator and dedicated to every detail that goes along with being a contractor. He specializes in renovating tax deeds sales he buys at the auction then keeping them up as an investment property all over Orlando. You won't see him sit still for too long since he is constantly upgrading properties or researching the next best investment. My mother, also brilliant at negotiating, is a master for making sure no detail is left unfinished!  From (curtains) to (crown molding), her eye for design is impeccable. Together they are a dynamite team! To anyone else, their resumes are what set them apart but to me, it’s the heart they put into the work that I’m most proud of. They make sure the people they work with feel taken care of and they always do the right thing.

It’s easy to see what they do as a job. I didn't fully grasp the concept of building a future through investments but over the past few years I have gotten to take a closer look at what all of this really meant. I understand the importance of buying vs. renting and sure wish I had started sooner! I’ve come to realize they didn’t just have a “job”, they created a lifestyle. For them, it never seemed like work! They never expected to "get rich quick."  They were simply successful because over time their hard work, integrity, and joy for the lifestyle has paid off.  I hope I can give half the amount of love to my real estate lifestyle that they have!

Here’s some advice I’d like to pass on thanks to my incredible parental unit!

1. Location, Location, Location!

Most likely, you are choosing a home you will be living in for the next 5-10 years.  You can change the paint, the furniture, and upgrade till your hearts content, but one thing you can’t change is your location.  Take a look at the location during different times of the day and week and weigh that with your personal needs. Do you need to be close to a highway for easier commutes? Is a certain county more desirable for it’s top notch schools? Knowing your top priorities for location can help zero in on your perfect home!

2. Surround yourself with people you like & trust!

Finding a realtor you want to spend time with is a bigger deal than you might think at first! Buying a home is a big investment and can be scary if it’s your first time. For this reason alone, you want to work with a Realtor you trust and feel confident will take care of your needs. Taking care of you and being available to guide you through the process is what I’m here for!

3. Save. Save. Save. It's really that simple. Make a plan! Have the money auto deducted from your account and save for what you want. It’s very likely you will need to have at least 3% to use as a down payment and pay closing cost even if you have received 100% financing. Work with your mortgage company to figure out what that amount may be.  If you need a recommendation I have several.

4. Real Estate is the best way to invest in you future!

Real estate is the least risky investment you can make. Crunch the numbers when deciding what you can afford, decide what you want to upgrade, create a detailed plan, and dive in!  Why are you throwing your money away on rent each month when you could be strategically investing it? Image title

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