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Do not be a  first-time buyer that makes regrettable mistakes that turns into mishaps. Be educated as to what to expect, how much money you will need, how much house you can afford, what type of mortgage is best for your situation, etc. etc.etc .Here are some tips to ponder over. We will expound on these tips each week. We would like you to come back to this page weekly for more tips about real estate. We do not want you to dive into unknown waters without having the proper protection.

Here are some helpful guidelines for you. We will expound on these each week starting from items 1-3 next week.

1. You must know how much house you can afford.

2. You need more than one rate quote, 

3. You need to  check your credit reports and correcting errors also know your FICO score

4.  Try to make the biggest down payment you can afford.

5. Always  look for first-time home buyer programs

6. Do not ignore VA, USDA and FHA loan programs

7. Know whether to use discount points to lower interest rate

8. Do not empty your savings you will need it.

9. Do not apply for any new credit before before the sale is final

10. Need to shop for a mortgage before the house

11. You must  be aware of the costs of home ownership

12.Seek professional advice on repair and renovation costs

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