3 Common Objections From Buyers And Sellers

Dated: 10/30/2018

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3 Common Objections from Buyers and Sellers!

Hey everybody, today we are going to talk about most common objections agents receive from buyers and sellers and how to overcome those objections.

So let's talk about sellers. Seller objection number one, “Well we really like you and you have a lot of good things to say but before we hire you to sell our home. How many homes have you sold?”. Now you can go two ways about it either ‘A’ you can use your office, your brokerage, all the agents in your office and you can use the team environment to sell yourself. So you could say something like “Well seller, that's a great question. Our company has actually sold over 15 million dollars in properties in this area” or you can say “Just last year alone we sold 133 home in this area”. Questions like that where you lean on your brokerage or the experience of other agents within the office it's going to sound good because you're saying “when you hire me not only do you get me you’re also getting a whole team of agents within our brokerage that are dedicated to getting home sold”.

Or you can go the honest route and if you tell them the truth it's going to be “None, I haven't sold any homes and that's why I'm here today. I'm here to prove to you that I can get your home sold, but the great thing is you get a hundred percent of my dedication to getting your home sold."

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Now you could list your home with a big Mega agent that has 30 listings but you're going to get one thirtieth of their attention to get in your home sold and on top of that chances are they have twenty-nine other options of getting a paycheck. Whether your home sales or not isn't going to break their bank. But with me when I'm solely focused on getting your home sold and I have no other option otherwise I don't eat, I don't pay my bills, then I'm a hundred percent dedicated to getting your property sold.

Seller objection number two, a lot of times the seller will back you into a corner and they’ll ask you a question and you not quite sure on how you should answer it. That question typically goes like this, “We like you, we want to hire you for the job. We just want to know. Are you willing to reduce your commission?”.

Now a lot of the time agents don’t know this one. So this is probably the best response. So what you want to do is you want to ask the seller why it's important to them you actually reduce your commission. Is it that they need the money or they're just looking for a good deal? All of this is really important to how you combat the objection in the first place. So a good response would be to tell the seller exactly why reducing the commission is actually going to hurt their sale. Now when you take a listing part of that commission gets paid to the other agent who brings the buyer. So the part of the commission that I have as the listing agent is going to be allocated to different places. One, I've got to split some of this commission with my broker. Two, I've got to pay taxes to Uncle Sam.
Three, I've got to advertise and promote and market your property to get the highest and best possible price in the least amount of time.

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So if you take away my budget for marketing and advertising it's going to be very difficult for me to get your property sold, quickly, and for the highest price. So it's really good when you break down your commission if you explain to them that if another agent were to reduce the commission, what would be the first thing to go? Well if you can’t avoid paying their split with your broker, it's impossible. You can’t avoid paying Uncle Sam, it's just not going to happen. Unless you want to have some jail time. And last but not least the only way that you could skimp on the budget is if you take away from the marketing and advertising dollars that actually takes to get the property sold. We’re talking about quality pictures, online advertising through Facebook and social media and Google, magazine advertising and promotions. If you reduce my budget the first thing to go is going to be your marketing and advertising. Just an honest answer.

Let's talk about common buyer objections. One major objection that we get from buyers all the time is more of a reasoning behind the way they submitted their offer. So they say “great we're looking at these properties and when we find one we like or just submit $10,000 less than the list price”. Only problem is it doesn't always work that way because they just want to get the best deal and they want to get the best available price on the market. Now here's what you say to that “Well buyers, I really appreciate you trying to save money but at the of the day you hired me to be your realtor because I'm going to help you get into the home that you're looking for. Now if you value my experience and expertise I strongly implore that you follow my directions and allow me to pull comparable in the area to see what homes are selling for that are similar that way we can choose a price that the market will allow this property to sell for. So just because you think you want to offer 10,000 dollars less than on any sticker price we're going to have to make it cording to the market values based on soles in that same neighborhood.”.

So there you have it, if you like what you heard and you want to see more of these make sure that you follow our page, subscribe to our Youtube channel and if you want you can click the link below to have a confidential interview with me.

3 Common Objections from Buyers and Sellers!

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