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Dated: 11/01/2019

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The Hebrew word paw-rah’ means “to perish”. Paw-rah’ was the word used in a biblical proverb where a woman’s hair was let flow out of its covering (hairband). Unconstrained in the wind her hair is directionless and blown in all directions.

Worldwide, only 13% of employees working for any organisation are engaged, which means 87% are not involved in, enthusiastic about or committed to their work.

Companies with engaged employees outperform their peers by 202%.

Productivity improves by 20–25% in organisations with connected employees.

There are many reasons for disengaged employees from poor management, to not being challenged enough. An extremely common problem is a lack of vision. People do not articulate this, but these are the issues which underly dissatisfaction at work.

What is our cause?

What do we believe in?

Why do we do what we do?

Self Actualisation in Work

Society has reached a stage where more people are dying from abundance than from lack. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses kill more people than starvation. People are at a point where their basic needs have been met.

We now spend more money on experiences than “stuff”. We want to understand more about ourselves and unlock our potential. We want to stand for something and make a difference in the world. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we are at the uppermost point of Self-actualisation.

Aidan McCullen

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