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Dated: 01/16/2020

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Helping Agents Find Their Niche Have you Taught about A Mentor!

By focusing on one segment of the market, whether it be property type or clientele, real estate professionals can hone their skills to deliver specialized value to their clients.

A new agent who joined  a  real estate office in Fla., didn’t have a marketing plan and was stumped by where to begin. where there are many agents, This is a proponent of rookie salespeople finding a niche. But this newbie was coming up blank. She was a stay-at-home mom for the past few years and was concerned that would impede her ability to connect with a niche segment of the market. Find That’s  niche.’”What do you like to do?

From there, they laid out a game plan on how she could target all the mom groups in her area as well as come up with a “mom’s guide to home buying and selling.” The guide would include information on parks and recreational centers, youth events and sports leagues, dance and music lessons, religious groups, babysitters, and more resources that help young families moving to a new neighborhood.

People are draw to things they like to do , so the agent decided to share her own story in her correspondence with potential clients.

Everyone has their own experiences, passions, and talents, but finding a niche can still be complicated. Sometimes, a broker can help their agents think outside the box to find a niche they understand and are passionate about. It’s about creating a powerful message that touches customers on an emotional level, which sticks in their memory. “This is one of the keys to running a successful niche campaign, and it will give agents an edge in their business.Find your passion you will love what you do.

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