7 Cost Of Pricing Wrong

Dated: 10/18/2017

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I imagine you never call your kids ugly.  I imagine you always want more for your car when you go trade it in.  I imagine when you upload a photo online you edit the face in the photo.  I also imagine that if there is a time when you need gas you may drive a mile or 10 to save 20 cents on a gallon of gas.  So why don't we understand when our sellers want more for their home.  We must understand the perspective of our prospects.  With that in mind, can we agree telling them that they're wrong is not the best approach.  

Below is a list of some risks and cost of Pricing a home wrong!

  1. Less Interest in the Property

  2. More Time in your home

  3. More Frustration between seller and agent

  4. Lost opportunities for better deals in the market

  5. Embarrassment in front of their neighbors thinking somethings wrong with the house not selling. 

  6. Lost of All Important goals

  7. More money spent in carrying cost.  

OBVIOUSLY, there are many more consequences....if you can think of any...gimme a call!

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