A Third Of Buyers Rely Solely On Video Technology For Real Estate Purchases

Dated: 09/07/2017

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According to the latest Redfin Statistic, “Buyers are increasingly relying on video usage in real estate marketing, making 1 in 3 purchases sight-unseen.” Low inventory and rising prices in Central Florida have likely fueled this trend, but regardless of market conditions the use of video has many advantages--particularly for long distance buyers. Advanced technology also allows interested buyers an opportunity to get a live tour of the property using smartphone features and apps like Facetime, Facebook Live, and Periscope.

“Live video tours have been a great addition to my business”, says Nikki Rittenberry, a Central Florida Realtor and Certified Staging Professional. “It allows me to interact with buyers. They can see the property in real time which makes it easier to answer any questions that may come up during the tour. It also gives the buyer access to areas of the home they wouldn’t ordinarily see in traditional photography or virtual tours.”

Local buyers are taking advantage of this technology as well.

“People are busy”, Nikki Rittenberry adds. “Many buyers have the need and desire to purchase a home, but lack the time it can often take to visit multiple properties. Working with an agent that’s willing to engage with them in this way alleviates the hassle of freeing up large blocks of time they simply may not have. Valuable time isn't wasted on coordinating schedules or commuting from house to house. Buyers can literally be on their lunch breaks, tune in for a live tour, and have an offer submitted by day's end."

And in a fast-paced market like we're currently experiencing here in Central Florida, a buyer's success often hinges on the ability to make a decision quickly.

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Sources: https://www.inman.com, https://blog.propertiesonline.com/, Nikki Rittenberry

Nikki Rittenberry is a REALTOR and CERTIFIED STAGING PROFESSIONAL ELITE AGENT with Preferred Real Estate Brokers.

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