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Dated: 07/26/2018

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How To Create A Routine As A Realtor

What are the successful agents are doing to remain at the top of their game? 

Tip #1: Find What Works

The most successful agents are the ones who figure out what works for them and, they usually don't change the recipe. So once you catch your groove, stick to it. If ain't broke don't fix it. You want to make sure that you get up early and you start to prospect early before all the other agents get to the good stuff. And by good stuff I mean calling consumers whether it's expired, whether it's leads that need to be followed up on. If you don't start early and you start later in the day, people are most likely going to tell you, “Can you please stop calling me? I've already talked to four agents that called me before you did” and now you're just a loser. 

Tip #2: The Follow-up

Another thing you have to remember, is it's all about the follow up. So after you're done prospecting, you want to make sure you spend your time following up with all your past clients with all your sphere with all your friends your family whoever it is that you need to reconnect with and do business networking. 
Networking is really essential in this business whether you're networking with other agents so you're on top of the inventory that's available or you're
networking with potential clients or business of business peers. You're always want to continue networking and expanding your brand by shaking hands and kissing babies, social media. 

Tip #3: Keep A Professional Presence

MImage titleake sure you're updating your social media on a regular basis whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever you might be using. Make sure you're relevant and you stay on top of mind for your sphere your friends your family whoever might be remember you have a brand to maintain and you always want to stay relevant community. 

Make sure you're always involved with your community whether it's community service you're doing or your outreach programs or being a big brother or you know just donating your time. The more involvement you have with your community the more you're gonna stay on top of what's going on what's important to people and why people are moving to the area. 

And lastly, if you want to be the professional, act like a professional. 

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